Text Message Marketing Solutions

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iText Boutiques & Retail Stores


Welcome to itext messaging Marketing platform that's guaranteed to take your business to the next level. 

We have created a new marketing strategy for boutiques stores and retail shops to develop Direct communication To set you apart from your competitors.

Entertainment/Promoters & Event Planers


Set yourself up for a successful event with a mask text to you data base with a personal invite.  

Code & group text messages are a thing of the pass.  A random flyer or event blast is a thing of the past.   If a person dont have plans on coming out, this personal invite would definitely have them  Considering to join you.



Grow your Bar or restaurant with keeping engaged with new, old and VIP guest with a quick text.  Sending food and drink specials will keep your customers attention with pictures of food drinks and deserts to keep their mouth wet with something tasteful.  What better way to pick up your slow days with a simple text special, coupon’s or any entertainment events.

Tax Businesses


Itext Marketing messaging solutions is the next step to taking your tax business to the next level.  Texting is the most effective way to communication when 99% of text messages are read in minutes.   Our clients have managed to market, brand, and grow their tax business once they used our marketing strategies.

Real Estate Agents


Realtor, stop relying on emails having your clients miss opportunity to secure a home or a investment deal.  Thousands of deals are lost due to the time it takes for your clients to view or find an email.  If you want to stay ahead of your next deal keep it at your figure tips from a quick text message.

Independent & Company Services


Services from a independent contractor to a small or large Company will definitely find a great benefit with itext marketing & appointment solutions.  Electricians, Plumbing, landscaping, home improvement, to any contract for hire this platform is for you.



Membership Clubs must maintain ways to retain their members and new members to build long-term relationships.   Itext marketing solutions helps manage and build campaigns to text member’s loyalty reward, membership renewals, appointments or schedule changes along with payments and overdue alert.

Schools & Classes


Itext marking solutions helps manage Businesses that offer schooling or classes for children’s or adults’ like dance, music, boxing, and definitely all sports will keep in touch with students and parents for reminders and updates.

Business Services


Businesses offering any type of weekly, monthly or yearly services to returning customers in many cases could maintaining a personal relationship.  Using itext marketing solutions to set up initial and follow-up appointments for any service is highly effective.