Tax Businesses

Itext Marketing messaging solutions is the next step to taking your tax business to the next level.  Texting is the most effective way to communication when 99% of text messages are read in minutes.   Our clients have managed to market, brand, and grow their tax business once they used our marketing strategies.

The Power in itext Marketing Solution.!

Making Groups from, new clients, old clients to none returned clients can be sent through personalize messages in groups.  Each message will be directed to the client by name that can reply back 1 on 1 from a phone number not a text code.


Itext marketing has a team to create messages directed to tax businesses.

Communication for Tax business is very important being this business is seasonal and you see your clients once a year.  That’s why this text platform has helped many tax businesses grow with keeping in contact with client’s year around. 

Personalized Texting keeps engagement making your client feel personal with you receiving automated birthday and holiday text from you and your office.


Start by sending a thank you text for your business with your new promotions, schedules and hours with an appointment link to schedule a date and time with you. 

Send a referral link to forward to family and friends with a referral fee for each client. 

Send a special message to none returned clients over the years to win their business back with perks and benefits.

Create marketing campaigns to attract new clients in your contact list.

Enjoy the benefits of marketing with itext marking solutions offering other businesses and services year around campaigns creating other streams of revenue with a simple text message.

Let’s Start staying in touch with clients in the off season sending birthday & holiday greetings automatically positioning yourself for long term growth with engaging communication building relationships. 

Be our next success story by texting (itext sales) from your cell phone to schedule a appointment with our team.