iText Boutiques & Retail Stores

Welcome to itext messaging Marketing platform that's guaranteed to take your business to the next level. 

We have created a new marketing strategy for boutiques stores and retail shops to develop Direct communication To set you apart from your competitors.

Creating a unique database with every client's personal size and needs to market to. Taking a client shoe size,shirt, or Jean's for example.  Putting them into unique Selected group with name and size to  target marketing direct to that client with a personal message.

Sending a group text to everyone that wears a size large will come across as a personal text message as if your offering them a special on a particular item.

50 messages just went out to everyone wearing a size large with the picture of the items that just came in as if it's just for them if they click the link to pay.

Reduce out of season items with Sales and Discounted items.  These items wont last long if the message sounds like this discounted item from you was just for them to take advantage of asap.  Fo you know how special that would make a client feel. 

This Marketing tool will definitely increase sales with new items just came in, and eliminate overstock items Going into next season.