Entertainment/Promoters & Event Planers             

Set yourself up for a successful event with a mask text to you data base with a personal invite.  

Code & group text messages are a thing of the pass.  A random flyer or event blast is a thing of the past.   If a person dont have plans on coming out, this personal invite would definitely have them  Considering to join you.

A unique message created directly to me would make me want to join you with a personal invite to anything!

Sample Text...

Hey James I'm down at club Paris on Wednesday come have a drink with me.  Now James feeling a personal invite to hang out with you and dont want to let you down thinking you took the time to personally invite him.

Now texting Kim to RSVP to get on you guest list or show this text for access, Kim is definitely about to call her friends to hang out with her feeling VIP at  your event.

This is a great way to offer specials on ticket sales getting a Person text to get my tickets in advance before general public, or feeling like they have a VIP early ticket will increase sales.

Watch your attendance and sales skyrocket out the gate feeling no pressure about a successful event that's your scheduling.

Being able to text back 1on 1 to answer any questions would help your group text with people texting TAKE ME OUT THIS GROUP CHAT.  

Do you know how much time this would save strolling through your phone copying and pasting, not knowing what age group or demographic to send the message to.

How amazing it would be to set your contract up in groups, saving time sending messages, and being sure you sent the right Kim a invite to join you at your event. 

Don't wait till your Competitors events are sold out, start your account today by texting (itext sales) to get events started right.