Grow your Bar or restaurant with keeping engaged with new, old and VIP guest with a quick text.  Sending food and drink specials will keep your customers attention with pictures of food drinks and deserts to keep their mouth wet with something tasteful.  What better way to pick up your slow days with a simple text special, coupon’s or any entertainment events.  How your customers feel VIP?  Sending a quick RSVP text reserve a dinner time and send a reminder a day or hours before.  How convinces it would be to place your orders with a simple text, and a reply of what time to expect it.  Wow, do you know how much time that would save you on the phones, it’s defiantly a game changer. 

Itext marketing solutions have been working with restaurants across the country to increase business and our client’s love the fact of having their marketing & branding at their figure tips with a simple text.  Create a marketing campaign to automatically weekly and save thousands of dollars on your marking budgets.

Don’t wait till your competitors have started text marketing, let’s get you started today to start marketing, branding and managing your business with a simple text.