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150 million messages are sent daily to non-mobile numbers. Now you can send and receive text messages online using your existing business phone number. There are no changes to your voice service, but there is a significant benefit to your customers who can now reach you at their convenience.

Link Shortener

A link shortener or URL shortener can help you fit in a URL without eating up your characters count. This is especially handy when the URL you need to include is long or hard to read. Plus, when you send an SMS text message, you only have 160 characters to work with. iText’s link shortener also enables tracking, so you can see how your link performs.

Create Contacts

Creating your contact list with iText is easy. You can upload a list of numbers from a spreadsheet or add them manually, one by one. When you upload your opted-in contacts, you can include first and last name, among other fields, to customize outgoing messages. You may also sort, segment and update your list of unlimited contacts.

Poll Builder

Text to vote polling is an effective and inexpensive way to generate customer engagement, increase brand awareness and keep your finger on the pulse of your customers´ purchasing intent. User surveys, polls, or voting are simple to set up and cost pennies to run.

Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns allow you to automatically send a timed series of text messages to a group of contacts. While you don't need a Keyword for a Drip Campaign, most people connect a Drip Campaign to a group which someone can join by texting in a Keyword.


Every contact in your text marketing list is more than just a phone number. First and last name fields can be automatically merged into your mass text messages for a personal touch. Personalizing your mobile marketing campaigns with the recipients´ names is one of the best advanced messaging features for maximizing the impact of your message.


iText works seamlessly with marketing software so that you can operate at peak efficiency. Our texting platform integrates with Constant Contact, Zendesk, Pie Sync, MailChimp, AWeber and more. This is especially handy when you’re managing multiple outreach tactics with your contact list.

Free Incoming Messages

Whether you have a Keyword that people are texting in, or your contacts are replying to messages you sent, incoming messages are always free. Incoming texts are stored in your inbox and you can sort and export them whenever you'd like. After sending a message from a short code, your contacts have 12 hours to reply.

Text Forwarding Service

Want to keep an eye on incoming messages without logging into your iText account? Our text forwarding service allow you to do just that. Text forwarding allows you to automatically relay incoming texts to an email address or your mobile phone. Incoming texts forwarded to your phone costs the same as other text you send.

Recurring Messages

Recurring Texts allow you to compose a text message that will be sent out on a regular basis – daily, weekly or monthly, with lots of scheduling options. They're great for messages such as recurring meeting reminders or weekly sales calls.

Tracking and Reports

Our tracking and reporting features allow you to gather valuable information and develop a deeper understanding of your audience. View stats about texts sent, messages received, and overall up-to-date contact counts. Find spikes in engagement, see results, analyze, refine, repeat, and profit.


Need to send a message next week but already know what you're going to say? Schedule text message campaigns to go out at any date or time - down to the minute. You can even choose whether or not to send the message to people who join the contact group after you schedule the message but before it is sent.