Services from a independent contractor to a small or large Company will definitely find a great benefit with itext marketing & appointment solutions.  Electricians, Plumbing, landscaping, home improvement, to any contract for hire this platform is for you.  This will manage scheduled and new appointments with itext appointment scheduler and reminder to keep your days on track.

Itext messaging will take your business to the next level with appointment text reminders to avoid missed appointments that’s weeks and months away.   That’s money and time when a client forgot and has to reschedule due to not having a reminder text weeks, days, and hours before you arrive.   Helping keep scheduled appointments is very important when you busy working and don’t have time to make calls and work. 

Itext messaging can send text messages you program in each appointment giving clients a week, days and hours reminders of schedule appointments.  This message also allows a client to reschedule, text they are running late to help your manage your business.  Every business needs this texting tool to manage, grow, and develop great customer service with a simple text.   

Grow your business with great customer service features like sending referral links to forward to family & friends.  Marketing campaign of specials your offering, additional services and any notes needed for the clients.  After your job is complete you can send a confirmation text that services has been completed, have a great day and I appreciate your business.    

Having direct access to your client with a text builds a business relationship that creates long term business for growth.  Sending automated birthdays and holiday text can add value to your business with a programmed text messaging system.  Build your business for long term with a professional campaign marketing tool with itext business marketing text messaging solutions.